Matthew Brennan, owner
It’s all very simple really. After bartending and managing all over the great state of Maine for 10+ years, my wife and I found ourselves in beautiful Camden, a picturesque little harbor town in Midcoast Maine. I had the great fortune, as a bartender, of having a Monday-Friday schedule at one of Camden’s oldest restaurants/pubs. This left all my weekends free to spend with my wife, who was a school counselor. Or so I thought. Before long, some of my regular customers began to inquire if I could bartend at some of their private gatherings on the weekends. Then a couple of caterer friends called looking for a real bartender for their various events. Then a local historic inn called looking for a solid, professional bartender that could handle high volume weddings every Saturday for their six month season. I had to call friends to help with some of the larger events. Within the span of one summer, I was booked every weekend for five months. The entire time I was thinking, “How about a catering business that can provide professional, responsible, licensed, insured bartenders to all these caterers and venues?” After some research, we found that most of the caterers in Maine do not have a liquor license or liquor liability insurance, so we could be the ones to help them all. Two months later, I gave up my bartending job and have never looked back.

That was eight years and over 600 events ago.

The “I” has suddenly turned into a “we”. We now have over 20 hand-picked professional bartenders. Most importantly, they are friendly, they know what they are doing, they like doing it, and they enjoy the satisfaction of knowing an event was done well from start to finish.

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